cPanel Resource Guide (servermatrix)


Hey guys, from the same people who brought you we now bring you your complete guide to everything cPanel.

As you`ll note we provide the resources of where to buy/find cpanel 'resources', and we also provide customer reviews of the 'resource' as well. If you currently use any of the mentioned 'resources' and want to add your review to the site simply PM me or e-mail contact @ cpanelresources .com

We will soon be offering installation help for the mentioned resources as well as whatever else you guys need/want!! I need your feedback..

1) Need intregrated billing & automatic account creation?
cPanel Billing

2) Tired of scouring the net for cPanel skins?
cPanel Skins

3) Do you need more scripts for cPanel?
cPanel Addons

4) What about flash tutorials for your web hosting customers?
cPanel Demos