Display file attachment information in Drupal

Here's a code snippet for Drupal to add filefield data to any node or block.

Basically this is used to pull information from a CCK filefield.

function downloads_files($nid) {
$node = node_load(array('nid'=>$nid));
$output_title = $node->title;
$output_file_url = $node->field_pdf_file[0]['filepath'];
$file_size = $node->field_pdf_file[0]['filesize'];
$output_file_size = format_size($file_size);
'<a href="/'.$output_file_url.'">'.$output_title.' ('.$output_file_size.') <br /> <strong class="more">Download</strong></a>';

<ul class="downloads">
   <li><?php print downloads_files('154'); // we add the node id of the node where the file was uploaded to ?></li>

Tags: Drupal