Easily manage magento extension installations with modman and generate-modman

Modman lets you install/uninstall magento extensions without the use of Magento Connect.

Why would you use modman?

Say you have an extension that doesn't use Magento Connect--where you upload it's contents manually. When you want to uninstall that extension, you have to tediously/manually search the installation files/folders and remove them by hand.

With modman, this is done for you perfectly--no more tedious labor.

Install modman

Let's first install modman.

1. Enable symlink support in magento: System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer , Under "Template Settings" > "Allow Symlinks" select "Yes"

2. Download and run the installer.

bash < <(wget -q --no-check-certificate -O - https://raw.github.com/colinmollenhour/modman/master/modman-installer)

3 (optional). If you want to install modman globally, after installing it (above).

mv ~/bin/modman /usr/local/bin/

And we're done with the modman installation.

Create a modman compatible extension:

1. Install generate-modman

​2. Put your extension into .modman folder.

3. Navigate inside the .modman folder and run 'generate-modman'

cd .modman/EXTENSION
​​cd ../../

4. Now install via modman:

modman deploy EXTENSION


To remove a modman installed extension, do the following:

modman remove EXTENSION

Fix modman linked files

cd .modman
modman repair
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