How to install the Qmail-Toaster from Start to Finish


Nate Davis - [email protected]

Last Edited: January 12th 2004

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January 12th 2004 - 8:30 PM MST

Got the script fixed so it will run! Sorry about that! I must have changed something at the last minute, and it killed the script. I reverted to a beta script and modified it accordingly. Works great now ;)

January 11th 2004 - 11:00 PM MST

I have updated the ToasterInstall Scripts today to reflect the changes in the development version. Make sure you read the RELEASE NOTES if you want to install the Development Packages. I have tried to add support for Trustix 2.0 and Fedora Core 1, in the script. It can be edited to work with any system I am pretty sure as long as they have all the dependencies installed. If you install it on a clean Redhat 9 System, and follow the release notes above (for development install), then I am confident everything should work great! If you make any modifications to the script to make it work with your distro, please let me know so I can include the changes in future versions! - Nate


So, you want to install a Working Mail server, but don't know where to begin? Or do you know what you are doing, but just need a little help... Then this documentation is for you! If you follow it step by step, I can pretty much guarantee that you will have a working Mail Server within the next hour or two :) And that is pretty impressive. This is all thanks to!


1. Install Redhat 9
2. Download and install QmailToaster
3. Download SpamAssassin and follow install


Install Red Hat 9

Step 1: Download the ISO Images and burn them onto CD if you don't already have them available to you. You will only need the first 3 CDs. (The Binary CDs, with i386 in their names) You can download the CDs from:

Step 2: Install Redhat 9

a. Boot from the RedHat 9 Disk 1 CD
b. Click next through the first 3 screens, and choose that you want to perform a Custom Install
c. Choose Automatically Partition on your HD. Then make sure that it will partition to your liking. The defaults should be great!
d. Continue on and when you get to Network Configuration, make sure you set your Static IP in here as well as your Hostname.
e. On Firewall Configuration, choose 'No firewall' We will configure one later.

You don't HAVE to follow the next step. What I like is to go through and ONLY install the things I know I will need. After I do this, I then usually use icewm for my GUI, as it is REALLY small and fast and clean. Again, this is your install and you can do what you would like, but below is what I install. The install below will take 1.1 GB of HD space. Regardless of what you install below the script should find and install all needed dependencies for qmailtoaster.

Just make sure you install the Development tools. This will have the GCC Compiler and other needed things to compile the toaster.

f. When you get to the Package Group Selection, Do the following:

1. Uncheck Gnome
2. Click Details next to X Window System
Uncheck the Following: authconfig-gtk, desktop-backgrounds-extra, firstboot, openssh-askpass, openssh-askpass-gnome, all redhat-configs, rhn-applet, up2date-gnome, usermode-gtk, and xisdnload.
3. Click Details on 'Graphical Internet'
Uncheck the Following: evolution, gaim, pan, and xchat
4. Click Details on 'Text-based Internet'
Uncheck the Following: fetchmail, mutt, and sim
Check the following: lynx, and pine
5. Uncheck Office / Productivity
6. Uncheck Sound and Video
7. Uncheck Graphics
8. Check Development Tools
Click Details on 'Development Tools'
Uncheck the following: cvs, diffstat, doxygen, gcc-g77, gcc-gnat, indent, ltrace, memprof, patchutils, rcs, and splint
9. Uncheck Printing Support

Check Select individual packages at the bottom and click next
Click Flatview, and select the following Packages:


Say yes if there are other dependencies it says you need to install. Then you should be all set!

Step 3: Reboot and log in!

Step 4: If you want icewm for your GUI, then visit: and download the latest RPMs. If you followed above, all your dependencies should be installed for it.

Download and install qmailtoaster

Step 1: Download Install Scripts and run them. Current Version of this Script is 2.2- Jan 12th 2004

a. Log in as Root and navigate to /root - "cd /root"
b. type in the terminal: wget
c. type: tar zxvf toasterscripts-current.tgz
d. The files should be expanded into folder called toasterscripts
e. Navigate into the folder, "cd toasterscripts"
f. run the checkdeps script. Type: sh <- this script will take a while to run...
g. Read the README file inside this folder. (type "pico README" to read that file)
h. Make sure your hostname is set, by typing: uname -n if it is not, then click here and follow the instructions there.
i. Set your mysql password, by typing:

mysqladmin -u root password newpassword <- newpassword is what you want your new password to be!
mysqladmin -u root -p reload
mysqladmin -u root -p refresh

j. Run the script. Type: sh <- this script will take a while too!

Step 2: Log in and add at least one domain

a. type "apachectl restart" just to be sure it is all running ok!
b. On another machine (or that local machine) navigate to: http://yourhostname/admin-toaster/  <- Notice the Trailing Slash... You must have it or the link will not work.
c. Login: admin and Pass: toaster
d. Click on the vqadmin button
e. Add a domain (make sure it is valid), and put in some values for it. (Make sure you leave no 0s in the bottom fields, except for maybe domain quota)
f. Now, click Add e-mail account and add an e-mail account such as "[email protected]" and then a pass and such. You must type a quota, so put in like, "10240000" which is like 10mb or so, or put in "NOQUOTA" for unlimited. Then add the user.
g. Now we are able to go and install SpamAssassin and such below. But if you don't want that, you are all up and running now!

SpamAssassin and Squirrelmail

Step 1: Download toaster RPMs and follow install instructions

a. Navigate to /root - "cd /root"
b. type: wget
c. type: bzip2 -cd spam-toaster-install.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
d. Navigate into the new folder created called: spam-toaster-scripts
e. type the following:

rpmbuild --rebuild spamassassin-2.60-1.src.rpm
rpm -Uhv /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/perl*.rpm

rpm -Uhv /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/spam*.rpm

If you have Apache 2, then type the following next:

rpmbuild --rebuild squirrelmail-toaster-1.4.2-1.0.2.src.rpm

If you have Apache 1.3, then type:

rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'apache 1' squirrelmail-toaster-1.4.2-1.0.2.src.rpm

f. then type the following:

rpm -Uhv /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/squirrelmail*.rpm

g. Run - "sh"   This will configure one domain at a time for SpamAssassin Scanning. You will have to run it for each domain you have.

Now, you should have a working install of SpamAssassin with your Toaster, and now have SquirrelMail!

Visit http://yourhostname/webmail/ and log in with your e-mail address as the Name and then your password, and check out your options and such. Try sending out e-mails and recieving them. You will be all set up!

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