HOW-TO: Change Exim IP Address

If you are in the danger of getting your main server IP block by SpamCop because you had a few anoying spamers abusing your server then you could simply change your exim mailserver IP to avoid the effect of your main IP beeing blacklisted.
Below are some simple steps of changing your exim IP

Inside both incoming and outgoing exim mail server you will need to add an interface :
so just edit

pico /etc/exim_outgoing.conf


pico /etc/exim.conf

driver = smtp

and add interface =

example as shown below:

driver = smtp
interface =

IP needs to be on server in order for this to work, hopefully this will help :)
BTW: Just a reminder - If there is an exim update when you upgrade your cpanel server you will need to re-enter the interface again.

Tags: Linux