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Common Macromedia Flash Player Install Issues

Choose the most appropriate question below to help solve your issue:

Where can I find instructions for installing Macromedia Flash Player?
How do I download Macromedia Flash Player?
I have installed Macromedia Flash Player but still don't see any Flash content. What is wrong?
What if the installer fails, or displays an error message?

If you have problems installing the Macromedia Flash Player, follow the troubleshooting steps below. If one step does not correct the problem, move onto the next step. After each step you may want to restart your machine to ensure your changes take effect before moving onto the next step.

 Where can I find instructions for installing Macromedia Flash Player?

Before installing the Flash Player please ensure that you have the following settings correctly set:

Internet Explorer ActiveX settings
Although your browser security settings should be chosen by you or your system Administrator, the 'Medium: Default Level' will allow you to view Macromedia Flash content. For any Custom Level, ensure that both "Download Signed ActiveX controls" and "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" are not disabled. (Enable or Prompt will work).

To view your Security Level do the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Choose Tools then Internet Options.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. Choose Internet.
  5. Ensure that "Download Signed ActiveX controls" and "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" are not disabled.

If you are having trouble installing make certain that your Internet Explorer security level is not set to High or at a custom level which does not allow viewing of ActiveX controls.

Computer user permissions
User permissions determine whether or not you are allowed to install ActiveX controls or plug-ins. If you don't have Administrator access to your Windows NT, 2000, or XP equipped computer, you may not be able to install the Flash Player successfully. Permissions can be tricky but, in general, you should be able to install and use the Macromedia Flash Player if your system Administrator has provided full access to the Macromed directory (C:\Winnt\System32\Macromed\).

Macintosh OS X users must also have proper access to run the Flash Player on Netscape 6. If you have problems with this configuration, refer to Netscape 6.2 has problems utilizing the Macromedia Flash Player 6 plug-in on OS X (TechNote 16214).

All web browsers must be closed
When installing Flash Player with the standalone installer, all of your web browser windows must be closed. You will also need to close any application that makes any HTTP requests using the browser. Examples of this type of software include but are not limited to weather applications, messenger services, or audio or video media players.

Previous versions of Macromedia Flash Player should be removed
Uninstall any previous version of Flash Player before using the standalone installer. For instructions on removing the player, please see How to uninstall the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control (TN 14157).

After these settings are in place, you are ready to download and/or install the Flash Player.

 How do I download Macromedia Flash Player?

The Flash Player is available for download from the Macromedia website at the Flash Player Download Center. If you wish to install using a standalone installer you can download the appropriate installer below:



 I have installed Macromedia Flash Player but still don't see any Flash content. What is wrong?

The most common reasons that Flash content fails to display are:

Pop-up blockers blocking Flash
The most common cause of Flash movies failing to display is the presence of a pop-up/ad blocker software that specifically targets Flash content. To find out more about this please see Flash movies do not appear after installing the Flash Player (TN 19091).

Internet Explorer Settings on a Macintosh
On the Macintosh there is a setting in Internet Explorer to enable plug-ins. This setting is located in the Explorer > Preferences menu of the browser. In the Preferences dialog box, select Web Content under Browser Display. Then ensure that the Enable Plug-ins option is selected.

Internet utilities blocking ActiveX
Some Internet Utilities, such as Norton Internet Utilities, perform functions similar to a firewall and may restrict viewing of ActiveX controls. You need to ensure that your firewall or utility settings are set to allow ActiveX controls or you will not be able to view Flash movies in Internet Explorer.

 What if the installer fails, or displays an error message?

Error message encountered during installation are usually due to incorrect browser settings. Please check the settings required before installation in the Where can I find instructions for installing Macromedia Flash Player section above.


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dan da man
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Flash Player stop working since Ad-aware


All of the flash content on any web page stop working since I installed Ad-aware and ran it with the latest updates.

I get a blank boxes with a small stamp in the top corner where the flash usually loads. And when I go to Marcomedia to the Flash Player download page, ( it wont detect anything for auto install.

Also when I go to the Flash Player tester page on Macromedia(, the shockwave test works fine but the Flash test fails to display anything.

I've trying reinstalling everything already and still no go.

If anybody has a similar problem with spyware software please post. Thanks


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Re: Flash Player stop working since Ad-aware


I just found out how to get this fixed. This problem has been killing me for months. I read somewhere (forgive me for not copying the link) on how to fix this.

If you have spyware blaster...Under Tools, is a tab called "Flash Killer." In here there is a check box that says "Disable and Block Macromedia Flash..." Uncheck this box and close out of the program. All of your Flash should start working again. If you have uninstalled the program, go download it again and reinstall. I learned that this blocking may remain even after the program is uninstalled.

You might consider upgrading your Flash Player to the latest version, if you aren't there already. There are +'s and -'s to the upgrade...

Hope this helps. Got me out of a very frustrating situation.