XBMC Confluence Flat Skin (MOD) - Modern / Flat design

Alright... Kinda off topic.

XBMC is my favorite media center, and the default skin Confluence is pretty dated--i.e. the icons/interface haven't been updated in forever.

I did try other skins, but mouse support wasn't anywhere near as good as the default skin Confluence--I use a logitech touch mouse and no keyboard.


I decided to create my own modern/flat version of the default XBMC skin.

It took me a couple days to come up with an initial version which was 80% better, however there was still room for improvement. So, after a week of messing with my modded skin a couple hours each day, I pretty much replaced all the images with custom ones. So just now posted the final version I named "Confluence Flat" --simply because I ONLY updated the images, and none of the functionality. Meaning you can plug this into any current version of XBMC and it'll work just fine.

So here it is...

Download Confluence Flat
Or, you can download it at the XBMC Forum.


Tags: xbmc skin Design