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How to uninstall multipletablerates from magento

Multiple Table Rates (aka multipletablerates) was a very popular extension in the magento 1.3 and earlier days... However, after several magento versions this extension basically became completely unstable/buggy (this is normal as it only lists magento 1.1 compatability)... Even so, it still worked on magento 1.3 with a few minor bugs... Then later down the road other extensions came up (mostly paid) that provided similar functionality, plus some, and minus the bugs...

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How to remove Yoast MetaRobots from Magento

In case you want to upgrade to magento 1.4, and have Yoast MetaRobots installed, you'll have to uninstall it first, since it's not compatible with 1.4.

Here's how:

1. uninstall it from magento connect
2. Remove the config xml file from /app/etc/modules/Yoast_Metarobots.xml
3. Remove the module files and directories from /app/code/community/yoast/Metarobots/
4.Clear your cache
SSH into your root magento directory and:

rm -rf var/cache/*

5. run this SQL query (easily done in phpMyAdmin)

DELETE FROM `eav_attribute` WHERE `eav_attribute`.`attribute_code` = 'meta_robots';
DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE CODE = 'metarobots_setup';

You should be good to go after this...

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