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cpanel/WHM Log rotate FIX

Fixing Log Rotation Problems

Since installing cpanel on some of our server, we noticed the logs in /usr/local/apache/logs/* growing out of control without ever being rotated. In /etc/logrotate.d the script called "httpd" is the reason why. Its totally wrong. Its looking for files located in /var/log/httpd/ and that is not where my log files are located. In fact, we dont even have files in this directory. Its completely empty.

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Minimum Security WHM settings and options []


Below are the Minimum Settings for proper security on your server. Failure to do so may (take this seriously) result in either server termination and/or support time charged to locate spamming issues and or hacks and kiddie scripts and hacks. This will also repair and keep repaired Fantastico if you are having the sourceguardian issue.

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How to setup DNS on Ensim

HOW-TO: Setting up Nameservers w/o Using Primary Server IP
There have been a number of threads with various bits and pieces of this process, but I haven't seen the entire thing in one place, so here goes. As always, modifying your server is done at your own risk and I accept no responsibility for anything that may happen.

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Setting up Private Nameservers in Cpanel

This guide will show you the ropes in how to setup cpanel nameservers and configure them properly so you can run ns1 and Once your nameservers are setup clients can then use your own private nameservers for their domains.

1. Regiser your domain
Register the domain name you would like to use, you can register a domain here if you need one.This domain will be used as your nameservers - eg and

2. Additional IPs
Have 2 available IP addresses for your server that aren't in use.You will need to contact you provider to obtain these IP addreses.

3. Registering the Nameservers  
Now login to your domain management page for the domain you registered and  register and as nameservers (registries normally have a special facility for doing that). The registry may also have a facility to propogate these nameservers around the foreign registries - if so, you should use this facility.

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Properly Reject Invalid Email

Tired of seeing your mail queue fill up with bounce messages to non-existant spammer email addresses? By default, if an email comes into your server addressed to an invalid recipient, Exim will accept the message from the delivering agent, and then generate a return email to them explaining that the address is invalid. With this little tweak, you can make exim tell the delivering agent that that address is invalid at the time the message is being delivered, meaning no more spam returns cluttering up your queue! Can I get an Amen!? Read on!
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