How to get 3TB HDD to work with NVIDIA nForce motherboards

If you recently tried installing a 3TB Hard Drive you'll notice that only about 1/3 of the drive is recognized by Windows. The fix is quite simple:

1. Download NVIDIA nForce Drivers 15.58 (64bit) , Download NVIDIA nForce Drivers 15.58 (32bit) or later 

2. Install the NVIDIA NFORCE 15.58 drivers and reboot your system after the install is done.

3. You're done. Your PC should be able to see the entire 3TB drive (it should be around 2.72TB)

NOTES: The above instructions assume you are using the 3TB as a secondary HDD, and NOT where your Windows is installed, because that deals with the limitations of your BIOS... Your BIOS would have to support above 2.17TB (or whatever the limit is) if you want to boot off it. So to summarize, if you are adding a second, third, forth, etc HDD and not booting off it, then the above will work fine. If you are planning on using the 3TB as your Windows install, then you will have to have a motherboard that supports 3TB or use a SATA PCI adapter --e.g. Western Digital includes a SATA adapter with their internal HDD.

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