How to get 3TB HDD to work with NVIDIA nForce motherboards

If you recently tried installing a 3TB Hard Drive on an NVIDIA nForce motherboard you'll notice that only about 1/3 of the drive is recognized by Windows. The fix is quite simple:

1. Download NVIDIA nForce Drivers 15.58 (64bit) , Download NVIDIA nForce Drivers 15.58 (32bit) or later

2. Install the NVIDIA NFORCE 15.58 drivers and reboot your system after the install is done.

3. You're done. Your PC should be able to see the entire 3TB drive (it should be around 2.72TB)

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How to fix Traktor not keeping play count or mp3 comment changes

So... Here I was playing sets on my new Traktor S4 on my 2010 iMac, and noticed that Traktor was acting weird--comments were getting erased, ratings were disappearing, play counts weren't being kept. In other words,Traktor's explorer worked on some files and not others.

I tried changing file permissions, reinstalling Traktor, etc... nothing solved the problem... Doing research didn't show me any concrete solutions (e.g. change the play count settings; this didn't work).

Then it occurred to me, I haven't defragmented my Windows PC in over 2 months. And a few weeks before, I had my windows PC sync all my mp3 files to my iMac.

So long story short, the mp3 files were messed up ("garbage at the end of file")...

The solution

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How to install Windows 7 RC using a thumb drive

It's no secret, Windows 7 is the best windows ever--it doesn't matter that the RC build 7100 not the final version, it's still a LOT better and faster than the latest and most optimized Windows Vista.

OK... anyhow... some people don't have CD/DVD drives in their PCs, so using a thumb drive is usually the best way to go.

In Windows Vista

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