Increase Limit of Drupal Views Exposed Group Filters sort order

My original post: Exposed filters group: increase weight sort count (#delta)

This still hasn't been fixed at the time of this writing. So here we go...

Sort breaks, and does unpredictable sorting, if you use more than 20 options. E.g. say you have have an exposed grouped filter with a price drop down of more than 20 options, sorting will not work after 20 items, it will always spit out a different order than what you specify.

The fix

Edit the following Views module file:


Look for this:

'#delta' => 10

Replace with this:

'#delta' => 60
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How to add custom javascript into the drupal webform module <form> <submit>

Recently, one of our clients asked to have custom tracking code implemented into their form submissions.

Since the client's site is built on Drupal, all forms are dynamically generated using the Webform module.

Their marketing company instructed us to add an 'onclick' code to :

<input type="submit" class="form-submit" value="Receive Coupons" id="edit-submit" name="op" onclick=tracking("track_submit_quote") />

However, since the Webform module creates all forms dynamically, there was no convenient way of hard coding the code into the form... i.e. there was no way for this to be done via webform admin.

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